Session 1G

Industry Crossroads
Lightning Talks: Profiles in Scholarly Publishing

We often hear that people “fall into” jobs in scholarly publishing, that the industry struggles to attract the right talent it needs, and that organizations must to adapt, innovate, and pivot in order to thrive in the 21st-century digital world. In these lightning talks, an exciting slate of speakers will share the highlights, challenges, and responsibilities of their own roles, as well as the routes they took to get there – in just a few minutes each. Covering a wide range of roles at all levels, this session is aimed at early-career professionals, at veterans looking for a change of direction, and at leaders thinking about how best to structure their organizations. A Q&A segment will follow the lightning presentations.


Gabriel Harp, Cell Press
Gabriel Harp started out as a copyeditor and spent a decade working on the production side of Cell Press journals before taking the leap into product management, where he enjoys sitting at the intersection of people and technology. He relishes the challenges of working in a tradition-bound industry that is changing rapidly, and he takes great satisfaction in contributing to the advancement of knowledge and scientific progress. Outside of work he enjoys fishing, writing, reading, tending chickens, composting, and exploring the woods and shores of Maine with his family. Twitter Handle - @harpg


Dawa Riley,
Dawa Riley is User Experience Design Lead at Hypothesis. She is a keen advocate of user-centered design and research. In the early days of the web, she was a designer, developer and key contributor to a radio show promoting open source technology. Dawa’s background in Experimental Psychology meant that her transition to UX Design was a natural fit for her. Over the years, she has worked at startups, agencies (Sapient, Razorfish and McKinsey), and large technology companies including Adobe, Intel and Google. In the nonprofit sector, she created a prototype for, an open government data initiative. More recently, she was on the product design team at Nest Labs. Dawa holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and an MA in Design from the University of London. Her current focus is on optimizing user experience for scholarly publishing applications at Hypothesis.
Michael Di Natale, BioOne
Michael Di Natale joined BioOne in 2017, and currently serves as the organization’s Technology Project Manager. Mike is responsible for working with and managing BioOne’s technology partners, as well as providing internal technology support. Prior to joining BioOne, Mike designed tools for better editorial and production workflows as part of Aries Systems’ product management team. An active participant in the scholarly publishing community, Mike is a member of the SSP Marketing and Communications Committee and serves on SSP’s 40th Anniversary Task Force. He has also contributed to ISMTE’s EON newsletter and spoken at CSE’s annual meeting. Twitter Handle - @mdinatSTM
Christen Pruitt, Wiley
Christen Pruitt began her publishing career at Wiley as a summer intern in 2013. Shortly thereafter she was hired as an Editorial Program Assistant for a Life Science journals portfolio and now works as an Associate Editor on the Society Management team, managing a portfolio of society-owned Life Science journals. She revels in the noble cause of supporting research, authors, reviewers, editors, and academic societies. An avid consumer of all things subversive and satirical, she welcomes challenging ideas and has been known to challenge ideas herself. She is also an active member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, the American Association of Publisher’s Professional and Scholarly Publishing division, and the Committee on Publication Ethics.
Abigail Wickes, Oxford University Press
Abigail Wickes received her MLS from UNC Chapel Hill in 2012 where she focused on cataloging, metadata, and institutional knowledge management. Since 2015 she has been the Discoverability Associate at Oxford University Press, managing relationships with discovery partners and working to ensure OUP metadata meets industry standards. She would love to talk to you about publisher-provided metadata (especially KBART and MARC), how publishers can make life easier for librarians, and working in publishing with an MLS. She lives in Durham, NC with her husband, daughter, and miniature dachshund. Twitter Handle - @MetadataTomato
Rose L'Huillier, Elsevier
Rose L’Huillier has been with Elsevier for 14 years, ever since completing her MSc degree in Econometrics. Whereas other econometricians preferred to work at investment banks, Rose could not think of a better way to spend a working day supporting the advancement of science. She spent over 10 years in publishing, starting as Publisher of 20 journals in physics, and ending as the Director of Strategy and Business Analytics for over 2,500 journals. During those years, she also followed her passion for reading and in the evenings completed BA and MA degrees in English Literature, and an MPhil in Literary Science. A few challenges later, including two children and an Executive MBA, she decided to move into product management to be able to contribute to the creation of products and features that can make researchers’ daily lives easier. At ScienceDirect, she is currently responsible for journals, browse, search, and personalization.
Isabel Thompson, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
Isabel Thompson is Senior Strategy Analyst at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, a media group dedicated to science and education. There her role focuses on strategic planning and investments, as well as product development and innovation. Isabel has a powerful interest in how technology and psychology interact, and so enjoys using these lenses to consider how businesses should define their strategies in an increasingly unpredictable world. She earned her BA in Classics from the University of Oxford, and then an MEd in Psychology and Education from the University of Cambridge, and was one of the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s Fellowship Award winners for 2016.
Simanta Buck, Elsevier
Simanta is the publisher of Cell Press’s newest interdisciplinary open access journal, iScience, and she also manages Cell Press’s society publishing strategy. She is passionate about the role of communication and its ability to improve effectiveness in all fields of work. She lives in Boston with her husband and their 1.5-year-old daughter. When she’s not running after her toddler, she loves to read and travel.
Alison McGonagle-O'Connell, Coko Foundation
Sai Konda, American Chemical Society
Sai Konda is a Senior Managing Editor in the Global Journals Development, Publications Division, at the American Chemical Society (ACS). He began his publishing career as a Managing Editor at ACS after graduating with a Ph.D. in computational chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, and postdoctoral research at the University of Delaware. He currently manages the largest journals (in terms of publications) at ACS, overseeing seven journals in the applied materials and physical chemistry portfolios. He also manages a team of Development Editors facilitating the peer-review process, and the day-to-day functioning of the journals. Sai is a previous recipient of the SSP Early Career Fellowship, and volunteers on the Early-Career Subcommittee of SSP. Twitter Handle - @saimkonda
Erica Leeman, MIT Press
Erica Leeman is the Metadata Associate at the MIT Press, where she educates her coworkers about the importance of metadata and establishes best practices to help the Press become a more metadata-informed publisher. She holds an MLIS from Simmons College and is now bringing her LIS experience to the metadata challenges within scholarly publishing. Twitter Handle - @ericalleeman
Hilary Peterson, American Psychological Association
With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Boston College, plus several years of working at a large law firm in Washington, DC, I was hired as a Business Development Associate by the Journals Department of the American Psychological Association in late 2014. I am currently the Business Development Manager for the APA Office of Publications and Databases, which includes the Journals Department. In this role, I support the development of co-marketing agreements, sponsorships and other types of business partnerships with other organizations around our catalog of 90 scholarly journals and the children’s book imprint, Magination Press. I also conduct research and analysis on issues impacting scholarly publishing and bibliometrics to inform journals editorial and overall department decision-making.