Session 3E

Practical Skills/Publishing 101
Smoothing the Supply Chain: E-book Metadata Improvements in Action

This session is a discussion among scholarly e-book publishers, platforms, libraries and library service providers, and preservation organizations to report on pain points in transmitting and managing metadata—and update on cross-industry solutions for the issues. The session focuses on the challenges of meeting the needs of key stakeholders at different phases of the e-book lifecycle, the most common metadata standards, and recent efforts to define practices for e-book metadata communication. Recent activities, such as the BISG (Best Practices for Product Metadata) and the NISO E-Book Metadata Working Group, which is creating a Recommended Practice, have articulated multiple, often contradictory, purposes for e-book metadata.  Each distinct stakeholder in the e-book landscape has specific requirements for its own processes. There is no single authority for e-book metadata, and no definitive version. There is a plethora of internal and shared standards used by participants in the supply chain, for which crosswalks may or may not be available.  Supposedly standardized fields may be used in different ways by different parties.  Metadata connected to e-books and required by stakeholders is created in a fragmented way as pre-publication metadata are revised, and different parties enrich the metadata to suit their customers and patrons.  The session will describe the work underway at NISO to provide minimal requirements for e-book description to support sales, discovery, delivery, deaccessioning and preservation; provide examples of use in different metadata schemas such as ONIX, MARC, Dublin Core, and BITS; and ensure that recommendations can be implemented in effective and efficient ways.


Nettie Lagace, National Information Standards Organization
Nettie Lagace is the Associate Director for Programs at NISO, where she is responsible for facilitating the work of NISOs topic committees and development groups for standards and best practices, and working with the community to encourage broad adoption of this consensus work. Prior to joining NISO in 2011, Nettie worked for a library software vendor, where she served for 11 years as project training librarian and product manager. She holds a M.I.L.S. from the University of Michigan. Twitter Handle - @abugseye


Erica Leeman, MIT Press
Erica Leeman is the Metadata Associate at the MIT Press, where she educates her coworkers about the importance of metadata and establishes best practices to help the Press become a more metadata-informed publisher. She holds an MLIS from Simmons College and is now bringing her LIS experience to the metadata challenges within scholarly publishing. Twitter Handle - @ericalleeman
Kavita Mundle, University of Illinois at Chicago
Krista Coulson, University of Chicago Press
Krista Coulson is the Digital Publishing Manager at the University of Chicago Press where she directs the strategic development and expansion of the e-book program. She has served on and chaired the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) Digital Publishing Committee and is currently on Crossref’s Books Advisory Group. Krista began working with e-books in 2007 (pre-Kindle) at the University of Wisconsin Press, where she also worked on permissions and contracts. She has a B. A. in International Studies from Macalester College, and holds an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. She intermittently tweets about digital publishing, the absurdity of life, and her dog at @digipub.