Session 5B

New Tools and Trends in Discovery Technologies

With over 2.5 million scholarly articles published each year – more than 8,000 each day – the glut of available scholarly content poses challenges to researchers, authors, publishers, and libraries. For authors and publishers, getting their work discovered and read, and ultimately cited, can be a career-defining challenge. Libraries compete with the open web by providing enhanced discovery services which they hope will be valued by their users. No single solution has emerged to satisfy all of these needs. This panel of experts and practitioners, representing a variety of stakeholder communities, will have 2 main goals: 1) to examine current trends among readers re: how they find the content that will be most interesting and useful to their work.; and 2) to survey what strategies, technologies, and services are being used by publishers and libraries to promote discovery of their content.


Bert Carelli, TrendMD Inc.
Bert Carelli, Director of Partnerships for TrendMD, helps scholarly publishers find new readers through increased discovery of contextually relevant content across a rapidly growing network of over 4,000 sites. He is a veteran of the online information industry, having worked with many scholarly publishers previously as Senior Publication Manager at HighWire Press, and as head of business development for Access Innovations and for DeepDyve. Earlier in his career, he led content licensing teams for Dow Jones/Factiva and Dialog – at the time two of the three largest global professional information services. Throughout his career, Mr. Carelli has focused on building value for content providers by leveraging new technologies for finding, managing, and productizing information. He received his BA degree from Stanford University and earned an MBA degree from St. Mary’s College of California. Twitter Handle: @bcarelli


Simon Inger, Renew Publishing Consultants
Simon has been working in journals since 1987, beginning at Blackwell’s subscription agency. After leading a product development team in library technology and online customer service systems, he founded CatchWord, the world’s first journal platform service provider (1994) growing the business rapidly until its acquisition by Ingenta in 2001. He has worked as a consultant in all aspects of journals strategy for not-for-profits, commercial publishers, technology providers, intermediaries and publisher service providers. In addition, Simon runs training courses on journals delivery for librarians and publishers; he co-founded Renew Consulting for Societies, assisting societies with their publishing partnership arrangements; he has worked in the development of industry standards; and frequently speaks at conferences on publishing strategy, content discovery, and innovation. Simon has worked extensively at the interface of business and technology, library and publisher, and has advised in the launch of a number of start-ups, as well as in corporate acquisitions. Twitter Handle: @siox14
Lettie Conrad,
In her more than 15 years of publishing experience, Lettie has led user-centered web and mobile product development, delivering product design, research, and analysis that enables evidence-based digital product management. Dedicated to optimizing the researcher experience with digital scholarly resources, Lettie has established her expertise in content discoverability and accessibility. She is currently a publishing and product development consultant working with a portfolio of global clients. Lettie serves as North American Editor for Learned Publishing and is a part-time information science doctoral student in a remote program at Queensland University of Technology via San Jose State’s iSchool. Read more about Lettie on LinkedIn, ORCID or Twitter. Twitter Handle - @lyconrad
Lisa Hinchliffe, U of IL - Urbana
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe is Professor/Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction in the University Library and affiliate faculty in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As the 2010-11 ACRL President, she led the launch the ACRL Value of Academic Libraries Initiative. Lisa is currently Editor of Library Trends, a “chef” of The Scholarly Kitchen, and Chair of the IFLA Information Literacy Section. Other service includes positions in DLF, NISO, ARL, ALA, ILA, and LOEX. Lisa has consulted, presented, and published widely on the value of libraries, strategic planning, organizational innovation, emerging technologies, program evaluation, library assessment, privacy, inclusion and equity, information literacy, and teaching and learning. For more information – website:, Twitter: @lisalibrarian, and ORCID: 0000-0002-5129-4235. Twitter Handle: @lisalibrarian
Mark Ruthman, American Academy of Pediatrics
Mark is proud to be involved in innovative digital products for 13 years in publishing at the American Academy of Pediatrics. These include forays into now-obsolete tech, such as PDA software (apps before there were apps!) and CD-ROM; as well as ever-evolving including apps, integrations, etc. Notable projects include launches and updates for AAP eBooks and the Pediatric Care Onlineintegrated point-of-care resource. Mark is currently enhancing user experience and identity for the AAP News & Journals Gateway to improve discoverability and utility; add video, recommendations, interactivity, and other features. He strives to improve processes and systems to better leverage AAP content supporting the clinical decision-making, research, and other needs of time-strapped health professionals. He uses analytics tools and surveys to inform decisions and set the strategy to deliver content in the format and method that meets user needs and aligns with AAP mission and margin goals.
Stacey Burke, American Society of Microbiology
Stacey is the Marketing & Communications Manager for Science Publishing at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), leading the marketing programs for the society’s journals and books portfolioas well as institutional subscriptions. Through the employment of content marketing and brand recognition initiatives, Stacey’s charge is to elevate the discoverability of ASM’s publications in order to grow author submissions and increase usage for institutional customers. She works extensively in the creation, management and implementation of strategic, tactical and multi-pronged marketing campaigns to get the right content in front of the right audience. Stacey has held a variety of marketing and communications positions at organizations within the publishing and library community such as AAAS, Springer Nature and Special Libraries Association.