Session 5F

New Challenges/New Innovations
The Landscape of Multimedia in Scholarly Communications

As the New York Times put it in a recent article: "The internet was born in text. Now, video and audio are ascendant, writing is being left behind, and everything will be different.” What opportunities and challenges will this imminent revolution translate into for scholarly communications, and how can the community leverage it to its advantage? Renew Publishing Consultants have recently invited forward-thinking scholarly and professional organizations to share their views and plans for incorporating streaming video and audio content into their websites and publishing platforms. Publishers, scholarly societies and professional associations were asked about their multimedia products and associated development plans, including the benefits they see in publishing multimedia content as well as the challenges they are encountering in defining business models and mastering new editorial and production workflows. For each product, a closer look was taken at qualitative and quantitative measures of success and return on investment (ROI). The results of this study, compiled in a white paper, will be presented to the SSP audience. This panel will discuss how streaming media is being used in the scholarly publishing world, whether as new product lines, to offer more value to existing products and services, or to promote organizations and increase outreach. Each use case will cover common financial, organizational and technological common goals, from monetization and staff expertise to accessibility and discoverability issues. Practical case studies will be offered to illustrate a number of scenarios, including a review by one society of its model for producing videos for an academic audience and augment traditional scholarly publications through its streaming collections, and one that uses podcasts as a way to inform listeners about recent research and changes in practice as well as a bite-sized educational activity that can be fit into their everyday life.


Violaine Iglesias, Cadmore Media
Violaine Iglesias has been in publishing for over fifteen years. She started her career in book translation and trade publishing in Paris, France, before joining Random House in New York in 2007. She entered the scholarly communications world in 2011 at SAGE Publishing, where she oversaw the development of a wide-ranging suite of new digital products for the library market. In 2015, she joined technology company GVPi to advance its position as a choice independent provider of digital solutions for academic and professional publishers. She holds a Master’s Degree from Ecole Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs in Paris as well as a Specialized Master’s Degree in Management for the Publishing Industry from ESCP-Europe. Twitter Handle - @violaineIG


Sam Burrell, Renew Publishing Consultants
Sam is a Principal Consultant with Renew Publishing Consultants. She has been consulting for nearly five years, working with publishers, technology providers and intermediaries. Her expertise is in product development, technology challenges, and platforms. She started in the industry working for Ingenta, where she worked through product and project management roles and eventually became Business Operations Director. She was initially drawn to the scholarly communication industry in 1999 when her previous consultancy work led her to examine how the internet was dramatically changing information industries. She thought it would be an interesting environment to work in, especially as it was clearly on the precipice of dramatic disruption. She was right about the former, and can honestly say she has never been bored; she is happy to discuss the latter over an ice cold drink sometime. Twitter Handle - @Renew_Pub
Ed Meidenbauer, American Psychological Association
Edward Meidenbauer is the Director of Video Media, American Psychological Association, Office of Publications and Databases. He has both a BA and an MA in English and has worked in scholarly publishing for more than two decades. Transitioning from books to video, he has directed the content development and production of PsycTHERAPY, APA’s streaming video database, since its inception, and has managed APA video projects for the past decade.
Daniel Pickhardt, The JAMA Network
Daniel Pickhardt is a data scientist with a background in applied analytics, academic research, and organizational consulting. He has worked with a wide array of nonprofits, Fortune 1000 companies, and governmental agencies. In his current role as manager of the JAMA Network Dev Lab he has developed customer-facing products as well as internal systems automation. His team’s focus is on providing the research, proposals and architectures for products that take advantage of the quickly-changing medical and technology landscapes. The lab’s most recent project was JN Listen – a podcast CME app that allows physicians to fit earning CME into their everyday lives.