Sponsored Session - Taylor & Francis and Nova Techset

Sponsored Session

Right-sizing language editing using AI: a case study in improving publication speed and author satisfaction

The application of artificial intelligence to areas of traditional craft skill in the academic publishing industry creates an opportunity to reshape the knowledge supply chain and improve the velocity of scientific communication. This session explores the lessons learned from a recent pilot program at Taylor & Francis journals to apply natural language processing algorithms to accepted articles in order to intelligently stratify incoming articles to differing levels of editorial treatment based on the language quality of the input material. We share data derived from Taylor & Francis’s author and editor surveys to illustrate the surprisingly inverse correlation between the level of human intervention and corresponding perception of copyediting quality. The session provides a technical demonstration on how the technology is deployed in practice in a prepress workflow operating at a large scale of article throughput. It concludes with an examination of the insights derived from the pilot program’s data on the distribution of article language quality and intervention requirements for typical journals, and the before and after effect on average article transit speeds and overall author satisfaction. Further applications for AI in the peer review and production process are posited. Overall the findings of the pilot demonstrate that the application of AI to automating decision- making in prepress workflows produces encouraging results and deserves further exploration.



Stewart Gardiner, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC
Byron Laws, Nova Techset Limited
Kevin Swanson, Taylor and Francis Journals
Nixon Xavier, Nova Techset Limited
Nixon Xavier is the VP of Innovation and drives the Katalyst initiative to support the philosophy of investing in innovations that create value for our customers and communities. As a technology enthusiast with more than 27 years of experience in various industries and software technologies, Nixon plays a vital role in the development of multi-disciplinary teams across all product innovation at Katalyst. He is an Innovator and a Patent owner for the PeopleFinder System which help users to manage their contacts while on the move. Nixon recognized as a thought leader in various disciplines; authored many papers and spoke at multiple events across the globe.