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Sponsored Session
XEditPro Publishing Suite: AI & NLP Assisted Copyediting with Automated Proofs and e-Deliverables!

diacriTech will demonstrate XEditPro, a SaaS-based publishing suite. XEditPro is a simple, effective, and highly customizable portal for publishing that facilitates AI and NLP assisted copyediting, automated typesetting, shorter review cycles, and instantaneous delivery of Print PDFs, Web PDFs, XML, ePub, etc.

The copyediting tool, with its Word-like interface, has automated checks for references, spelling, grammar, consistency, etc. Once the copyedit is completed, the tool automates the conversion of the manuscript to typeset pages. 

Authors can review the typeset pages and mark their edits directly into the content. Authors, proofreaders, and editors can simultaneously review the edits and accept/reject the changes. This vastly improves the accuracy of edits incorporated into the pages, while reducing the revision cycle time, not to mention a very satisfied author. Since a typesetter's involvement is minimal, the production costs can be dramatically cut.



Madhu Rajamani, diacriTech
Madhu is a co-founder and the EVP, North America. He has a Masters degree in computer science and extensive experience with customer focused solutions and services. His solution based sales approach has lead
Mahesh Balakrishnan, diacriTech
Mahesh is a Co-founder and the CTO at diacriTech. He has over 30 years experience in the publishing industry and has architected several automation solutions for publishers and diacriTech. To his credit are diacriTech's SSPARKL eReader, XEditPro, and Function Management System, among others. Mahesh is an active member of the LaTex user group.