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Sponsored Session
Beyond the Traditional Journal Article: How Some Journals are Redefining how Scholarly Content can be Served and Consumed

A number of journals today are exploring the use of enriched content outputs such as videos, infographics, and short-form articles to disseminate scholarly content. With multimedia formats and jargon-light presentation, these outputs allow journals to communicate and readers to assimilate scientific content via new channels. Yet publishing enriched content that is part of the official version of record AND product differentiator has emerged as a challenge. 

This session will showcase (1) case studies of two journal editorial offices that have had successes on this front; (2) the content formats explored and their benefits; and (3) the perspectives of both commercial and society publishers on the future of scholarly content dissemination.

Attendees will receive first-hand accounts from figures in the scholarly publishing industry who are spearheading innovative publishing initiatives for journal editorial offices and redefining the construct of the published article of record in terms of its reach and accessibility.


Satyajit Rout, Editage


Patricia Baskin, American Academy of Neurology
Paige Shaklee, Cell Press
Satyajit Rout, Editage