Session 2B - Virtual Meeting Session

Marketing at the Crossroads: Intersections with Sales, Publishing, Membership, and Other Stakeholders

What are the “borders” of marketing in scholarly publishing?  Is the focus on lead generation for subscriptions sales?  Editor and author engagement?  Driving usage and readership on the version of record? Building community?  For association publishers, how does marketing the publications interact with marketing membership, professions, and disciplines? What data are available? What tools, old and new, matter? This panel will address how a few marketers have defined their roles and the strategies they have found useful for addressing emerging challenges.  Our primary audience will be marketers, but sales people and editorial staff who intersect regularly with authors and editors will also find the session useful.  Our attendees will leave with some actionable ideas.


Nicola Poser, RedLink
Nicola Poser is the Managing Director at Redlink. Nicola has almost 20 years of experience in academic and STM publishing, having worked on books, journals, and online products at publishers of varying sizes and business models. Over the years, Nicola has worked in sales and marketing, market research, and new product launch strategies. She joined RedLink in August 2016 as Managing Director, responsible for sales, marketing, and customer experience, as well as human resources and operational functions. Nicola is active on the SSP Marketing and Communications Committee and is currently serving as liaison to the Annual Meeting Planning Committee. Twitter Handle - @BostonNicola
Todd Reitzel, American Bar Association
Todd Reitzel has 27 years’ experience in nonprofit publishing, including at Duke University Press, the American Anthropological Association, the American Society of Hematology, the American Educational Research Association, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and the Association for Psychological Science, the American Association of Immunologists, and the American Bar Association. He has experience in peer review management, copyediting, production, business management, and business development. He is a long-time member of SSP and currently serves on the SSP Development Committee.


Elizabeth Solaro, American Medical Association
Elizabeth Solaro is director of brand marketing at the JAMA Network (American Medical Association), publisher of JAMA, JAMA Network Open, and 11 specialty journals. She has held positions in journals and books marketing at scholarly publishers throughout her career, including the University of Chicago Press, Quintessence Publishing, and Georg Thieme Verlag.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.
Anne-Marie Green, Wiley
Anne-Marie Green is Senior Manager, Content and Communications at Wiley. She has worked in Marketing and Communications in the publishing field for over 15 years for Wiley, Blackwell Publishing and Elsevier. After working in journals marketing and witnessing both publishing and marketing’s digital transformation, she moved over to corporate marketing and currently manages Wiley’s corporate blog The Wiley Network. There she is continually looking for ways to engage with current and prospective customers by providing content that will help, inform and entertain them.
Stephanie Lovegrove, Silverchair
Stephanie Lovegrove is the Marketing Manager at Silverchair, where she leads the company's strategic marketing initiatives and communications. She has held marketing roles in the publishing industry for thirteen years, from small literary presses and indie bookstores to large distributors and scholarly publishers—most recently the University of Virginia Press. Her work has received awards from the American Marketing Association, and her writing has been published in literary magazines such as Gulf Coast, The Florida Review, and Southern Humanities Review.