Session 4F - Virtual Meeting Session

New Challenges/New Innovations
SciHub, Are Publishers Just Going to Play Whack a Mole Forever? Or Can They Actually Do Something?

This is a concurrent session to discuss SciHub. With the Elsevier and ACS U.S. suits decided, the community wants to know if there’s been any impact on SciHub’s activities, and if there hasn’t been, what’s next? Clearly publishers are pursuing legal avenues, but what other tools are available to limit access to SciHub, or even shut it down permanently? No one solution exists to stop scihub, it will take a variety of activities. We’ll look at (1) Legal solutions. (2) Technical solutions and (3) Communications Solutions. 


Rick Anderson, J. Willard Marriott Library University of Utah
Rick Anderson is Associate Dean for Collections and Scholarly Communication in the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah. He speaks and writes regularly on issues related to libraries, scholarly communication, and higher education, and has served as president of NASIG and of the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Twitter Handle - @looptopper


Andrew Pitts, PSI Ltd
Andrew Pitts has worked in STM publishing for over 22 years with Blackwells and ACS. He is a co-founder of PSI Ltd, the IPRegistry and the Publisher Due Diligence Bureau. The success of their work in this field has led them to expand PSI services to the online world and they have spent the past 4 years developing the proprietary web based IPRegistry . This ensures that publishers’ IP addresses governing access to their content are vetted, secure, and free of error. It is also an easy way for libraries globally to ensure their IPs are easily and constantly updated by sending changes to Publishers via and API.
Joseph DeMarco, DeVore and DeMarco, LLP
Joseph V. DeMarco is a partner at DeVore & DeMarco LLP where he specializes in counseling clients on complex issues involving information privacy and security, theft of intellectual property, computer intrusions, on-line fraud, and the lawful use of new technology. His years of experience in private practice and in government handling the most difficult cybercrime investigations handled by the United States Attorney’s Office have made him one of the nation’s leading experts on Internet crime and the law relating to emerging technologies.
Sari Frances, IEEE
With over 15 years experience in the publishing industry, Sari Frances, Manager of Digital License Compliance, has successfully managed IEEE’s IP Protection Program since 2008. IEEE is the world’s largest organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity. Sari’s responsibilities include collaboration with legal, IT security, IPR, and sales to address worldwide concerns about digital piracy and copyright infringement. Representing IEEE in industry trade associations in anti-piracy efforts, Sari actively participates in initiatives to combat and remediate IP abuses. In addition, she often speaks at industry conferences as a thought leader on digital piracy, and is a certified Project Manager Professional.