Session 5A - Virtual Meeting Session

Fueling Scholarship
Funders as Publishers - What does this mean for traditional publishers and the scholarly publishing industry as a whole...?

In 2016, the Wellcome Trust became the first funder to launch their own publishing platform, Wellcome Open Research, but they didn't stop there. Wellcome Trust expanded their role to include publisher for a slew of reasons all in support of Open Science, Open Data, and improving the publishing process. Following closely on the heels of Wellcome was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UCL, and in February 2018 Ireland's Health Research Board (HRB).

The impacts of this major shift in the role of funders to funders-publishers have not yet been felt in a significant way. Looking ahead - publishers need to anticipate that they will be competing with funders-publishers for content and for APCs.

This session will bring a prominent funder-publisher, a librarian, a researcher and a publisher together to discuss the following:

* How does the publishing process for funder-publisher differ from that of a traditional scholarly publisher?* What is the librarian's perspective on the newly developing funder-publisher role?
* How do funders-publishers and publishers work together to ensure greatest dissemination and discoverability of research?
* How is it possible that Wellcome Open Research can sustain a ten-day turnaround from submission to publication without compromising quality of both content and peer review?
* What happens if researchers want to both publish with Funder-Publisher and with traditional publisher knowing that Funder- Publisher will not have an Impact Factor and may not be as discoverable?


Tom Beyer, Sheridan PubFactory
Tom Beyer is Platform Services Director at the PubFactory platform at The Sheridan Group. Prior to joining PubFactory, Tom was the director of platform services at O’Reilly Media, and he was also the Director of Publishing at iFactory, a digital marketing team at RDW Group.


Will Schweitzer, AAAS
Will Schweitzer is responsible for product development, product management, strategic planning, and custom publishing for the American Association for the Advancement of Science's (AAAS) Science family of journals and publishing program. With more than a dozen years of experience in scholarly publishing, Schweitzer has worked in acquisitions, business development, product development, and has served in publishing and management roles for leading commercial houses and non-profit societies. His areas of expertise include client and product management, product development, open access publishing, journal acquisitions, strategic planning, and budget or financial modeling.
Paul Ayris, Library Services, University College London
Paul Ayris is Pro-Vice-Provost of University College London (UCL) Library Services. He joined UCL in 1997. Dr. Ayris was the President of LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries) 2010-14; he is now Advisor to the LIBER Board. He is cochair of the LERU (League of European Research Universities) INFO Community. He chairs the OAI Organizing Committee for the Cern-Unige Workshops on Innovations in Scholarly Communication. He is also the Chair of JISC Collections’ Content Strategy Group. In August 2013, Ayris became Chief Executive of UCL Press. He is a member of the Provost and President’s Senior Management Team in UCL. He has a PhD in Ecclesiastical History and publishes on English Reformation Studies.
Maryanne Martone, University of California San Diego
Maryann Martone received her BA from Wellesley College in biological psychology and PhD in neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego, where she is a professor emerita in the Department of Neuroscience. Martone’s background is in neuroanatomy, particularly light and electron microscopy, but she spends most of her time in the field of neuroinformatics. Martone is the principal investigator of the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) project, a national project to establish a uniform resource description framework for neuroscience. She served as president of FORCE11: Future of Research Communications and e Scholarship and still remains active in the areas of data citation and resource identification for biomedical science. Martone serves as the Editor in Chief of Brain and Behavior, an open access journal published by Wiley, and is Director of Biosciences for, a non-profit tech organization developing technology to annotate the web. She is one of the cofounders of, a start-up company that is developing a sustainable business model around NIF and dkNET technologies.
Sabina Alam, F1000
After completing a PhD in neuroimmunolgy from the University of Bath, and then a postdoctoral position in neuroscience at the School of Pharmacy, Sabina Alam joined BioMed Central as an Assistant Editor on the BMC Series in 2008. She has been the Editor of BMC Medicine since 2011.