SSP Committees

Volunteering for an SSP committee is a great way to network with colleagues and make new connections. Volunteers are essential to SSP's work. To get started, fill out our Volunteer Form. To see the list of members in a particular committee, click on the name below.


Committee Chairs


Rick Anderson - Co-Chair
J. Willard Marriott Library University of Utah
Gabriel P. Harp - Co-Chair
Cell Press
Rebecca McLeod - Co-Chair
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Adrian Stanley - President
Digital Science
Mary Beth E. Barilla - Program Director
Society for Scholarly Publishing
Yael Fitzpatrick - Co-Chair, Annual Meeting Prg
Gazelle Design Consultancy
Cason Lynley - Co-Chair, Annual Meeting Prg
Duke University Press
Ben Mudrak - Co-Chair, Annual Meeting Prg
American Chemical Society
Emilie Delquie - Co-Chair, Audit Committee
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
Lisa Hart - Co-Chair, Audit Committee
Meredith Adinolfi - Co-Chair, Career Development
Emilie Delquie - Co-Chair, Career Development
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Thomas A. Ciavarella - Co-Chair, Community Engagement
Clarivate Analytics
Bonnie Zavon - Co-Chair, Community Engagement
BEventz Meetings and Events Planning
Mike Groth - Co-Chair, Development
Cenveo Publisher Services
Paul Yeager - Co-Chair, Development
Cenveo Publisher Services
Tim Cross - Co-Chair, Education
Westchester Publishing Services
Jean P. Shipman - Co-Chair, Education
Greg Suprock - Co-Chair, Education
Apex CoVantage, Content Solutions
Philip V. DiVietro - Chair, Finance
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Byron Laws - Chair, Finance
Nova Techset Limited
Marianne Calilhanna - Co-Chair, Marketing
Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL)
Joshua Lancette - Co-Chair, Marketing
Entomological Society of America
Elizabeth L. Ralls - Co-Chair, Marketing
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Nick Dormer - Co-Chair, Membership
Keith L. Layson - Co-Chair, Membership
Annual Reviews
Carol A. Meyer - Co-Chair, Peer Groups
Aries Systems Corporation
Jamie Wielgus - Co-Chair, Peer Groups
Susan Kesner - Chair, SK Cabinet
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
Melanie Dolechek - Executive Director
Society for Scholarly Publishing