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SSP would like to warmly thank all of the individuals and organizations who have contributed to the Generations Fund Campaign. Your generosity ensures the future of scholarly communications and is greatly appreciated. 



Alison Mudditt

Madelene Sutton


Angela Cochran

Byron Laws

Jennifer L. Pesanelli


Meredith Adinolfi

Ted Bakamjian

Ed Barnas

Matt Boyle

Marianne Calihanna

Tom Ciavarella

Hillary Corbett

Beth Craanen

Emilie Delquie

Michael T. Di Natale

Melanie Dolechek

Yael Fitzpatrick

Joann Fogleson

Kathleen Gaffney

Robert Harington

Gabriel Harp

Lisa Hinchliffe

Melissa Junior

Lauren Kane

Susan N. Kesner

Sai Konda

Alison Labbate

Erin Landis

Elizabeth R. Lorbeer & Michael J. Donohoe in honor of Sarah & Rosalie Donohoe

Cason Lynley

Megan M. McCarty

Alison McGonagle-O'Connell

Rebecca McLeod

Alice Meadows

Carol Anne Meyer

Kathleen A. Moran

Jeremy T. Nielsen

Elaine Pico

Jennifer Regala

Laura Ricci

Mark Seeley

Diane Scott-Lichter

Mark Seeley

John Shaw

Veronica Showers

Lois M. Smith

Damita Snow

Adrian Stanley

Diane M. Sullenberger

Simone Taylor

Sarah Tegen

Randy Townsend

Jeri Wachter

Miranda Walker

Charles Watkinson

Catherine Wattenberg

Nancy Ann Winchester

Shelley Withers

Natalie Zundel


Contributor ($5,000-14,999)

American Chemical Society


Delta Think

Patrons ($1,000-4,999)

Access Innovations

American Physical Society


Newgen North America


Other Organizational Supporters

Cadmore Media

Clarke & Esposito

Copernicus Publications

SAGE Publishing

Every effort is made to have an accurate supporter list. If your name does not appear below, or appears incorrectly, please contact Natalie Zundel, Director of Philanthropy, at nzundel@sspnet.org.