Career Coaching Sessions

As an attendee of the SSP Annual Meeting, you will have the opportunity to participate in a FREE one-on-one 20-minute Career Coaching Session. Sessions can focus on developing the professional growth of the participant, feedback on your CV/resume, as well as setting attainable goals that are sustainable through the conference and beyond. Each 20-minute session is confidential and by appointment only. 

Prior to participating in your Career Coaching Session during the meeting, lay out any objectives you would like to gain from your session – from determining career goals, to discussing obstacles you are currently facing to developing a plan of action to overcome them. Also, don't forget to share some background information with your Coach, including your current role, how you began your career in scholarly publishing, and any other important information you would like your Coach to have in advance!

To help prepare yourself and your Coach for your session ahead of time, you’ll complete the Career Coaching Pre-Session Information Form. This form will be sent to the Coach in advance of your scheduled session. Registered attendees will receive information by email about how to schedule a session.