Community Groups

As a way to provide additional points of connection between remote attendees, we are offering a new opportunity for networking this year through conference community groups. When you register, you may opt into a community group for the duration of the SSP Annual Meeting. 

Each group will be composed of up to six people, and include a mix of veteran and first-time SSP Annual Meeting attendees. We will also try to provide a mix across organizations so that participants have the chance to meet people they don’t already know. Each group will serve as a participant’s touchstone throughout the conference with regular meetings to check in and discuss trending topics, share experiences, ask questions, or act as a sounding board.

By keeping the groups small, members will be able to get to know each other better and return to conversations throughout the conference. An orientation for participants will be provided at the start of the Annual Meeting along with suggested meeting times during the four days. 

To participate, opt into this program during registration.