3Play Media, Inc. 

BOOTH #111  |  www.3playmedia.com
3Play Media provides closed captioning, transcription, and audio description to more than 2,500 customers in higher education, enterprise, entertainment, and government. 3Play Media simplifies the process of making videos accessible through flexible APIs, integrations with video players and platforms, simple plugins, and a user-friendly online account system.

Access Innovations, Inc. 

BOOTH #109  |  www.accessinn.com
In today's information environment, a semantics program is indispensable for content-rich organizations. Any curator of text collections needs taxonomy for retrieval, discovery, analytics, and product development. A recognized leader in taxonomy, Access Innovations provides semantic consulting, services, and software. Visit us at booth #109.   

ACCUCOMS International BV 

BOOTH #110  |  www.accucoms.com
ACCUCOMS is the leading independent provider of services to academic publishers. ACCUCOMS’ multilingual teams offer efficient and intelligent representation, telesales and business intelligence services as well as user interaction programs to clients that range from large publishing houses to specialist society publishers.


BOOTH #317  |  www.advantagecs.com
Leading companies rely on Advantage to manage their digital and print journal subscriptions, entitlements, bundles, access agreements, e-products, consortia sales, conferences, events, membership, donations, orders, payments and customer service. Advantage also offers multi-channel sales, high availability, sophisticated business intelligence tools, multi-currency, multi-local taxation, direct debit processing and a multi-lingual interface.

AJE/Research Square 

BOOTH #120  |  www.researchsquare.com
Celebrating our 15th anniversary in 2019, AJE and Research Square exist to make research communication faster, fairer, and more useful by providing innovative services to the global research community. We have proudly supported millions of authors around the world through the highest quality language editing and author services as well as our newly launched Preprint and editorial services.

Allen Press, Inc 

BOOTH #307  |  www.allenpress.com
Allen Press aims to inspire your audience with an innovative blend of printing, marketing, publishing and distribution services crafted with the latest technology. We serve a unique role in assisting the STEM community share ideas that improve the world. Stop by and learn about our new Silverchair online publishing partnership!

Antenna House 

TABLETOP #10  |  www.antennahouse.com
Antenna House is known for its software that excels at automated document formatting, batch document conversion (word,excel,powerpoint to pdf & pdf to img) & document regression testing (pdf to pdf compare). Request a free trial at antennahouse.com. See us at tabletop #10.

Aptara, Inc. 

BOOTH #407  |  www.aptaracorp.com
Our traditional composition and conversion services are coupled with customizable platforms and services that provide collaboration, automation and discoverability. Aptara’s SciPris platform, a customizable portal that facilitates the invoicing and collection of OA, publishing and reprint/permissions charges from authors and institutions, continues to grow its feature set as new publishers adopt the platform. Aptara is using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to enhance our service offerings in several areas, including copyediting, alt-text creation, and text summary. Aptara’s Digital Learning Group assists in creating CME and other courses available to professionals anytime, anywhere. 

Aries Systems 

BOOTH #323  |  www.ariessys.com
Aries Systems transforms the way scholarly publishers bring high-value content to the world. The company’s innovative and forward-looking workflow solutions help manage the complexities of modern print and electronic publishing—from submission, to editing and peer review, to production tracking. Publish faster, publish smarter, with Aries Systems. 

Association of American Medical Colleges 

BOOTH #114  |  www.aamc.org
Founded in 1876 and based in Washington, D.C., the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to transforming health care through innovative medical education, cutting-edge patient care, and groundbreaking medical research.   


BOOTH #422  |  www.atypon.com
Atypon develops publishing technologies for getting mission-critical content into the hands of the practitioners and researchers who need it most. Literatum, our online publishing and website development platform, gives content providers easy-to-use and automated tools to manage, market, and monetize every type of content that they distribute.

Baker & Taylor Publisher Services 

BOOTH #408  |  www.btpubservices.com
BTPS offers book manufacturing (including POD, offset, and digital short-run), warehousing/order fulfillment, electronic/print journal subscription fulfillment, eBook distribution/creation, and book sales/distribution. Our client list of nearly 1,000 publishers worldwide includes technical and medical publishers, academic publishers, university presses, and general trade publishers. 

C&M Digitals 

BOOTH #106  |  www.candmdigitals.com
C&M Digitals, with 22 years of publishing expertise, provides bespoke digital solutions for scholarly publishers. Our team of multi-domain publishing professionals assisted by a skilled digital support team adapts to the latest technologies and offers niche services. We are known for our commitment and consistency in the services that we offer.

CadmiumCD, L.L.C. 

BOOTH #121  |  www.cadmiumcd.com
CadmiumCD is an event management software company with more than 15 years of experience providing solutions for Planners, Exhibition Organizers, Directors, and Attendees. The company’s award-winning platform is trusted by more than 3,500 meeting professionals worldwide to manage and share content to event stakeholders. Bring your event together with CadmiumCD's various modules: Abstract, Speaker & Exhibitor Data Management, Digital Content Publication, Audio Recordings, ePoster Galleries, Online Itinerary Planners, Floor Plans, Native Apps, and Post-Conference Evaluations.

Cadmore Media 

BOOTH #315  |  www.cadmore.media
Cadmore Media provides an expert environment for organizations to publish scholarly, professional and technical information through streaming video and audio. Societies, associations, IGOs/NGOs and publishers use our platform and services to enrich their media content, provide an enhanced playback experience to their target audiences, and efficiently deliver materials to the right discovery channels.

Cenveo Publisher Services 

BOOTH #309 & #311  |  www.cenveopublisherservices.com
Cenveo Publisher Services provides transformative publishing solutions that drive revenue growth, streamline operations, and ensure editorial excellence for scholarly and academic publishers. Cenveo is an industry leader in XML-early workflow solutions, copyediting, digital outputs, automated transformations, author services, print and fulfillment services, and so much more.

CLOCKSS Archive 

BOOTH #117  |  www.clockss.org
CLOCKSS is a not-for-profit joint venture between the world’s leading academic publishers and research libraries whose mission is to build a sustainable, international, and geographically distributed dark archive with which to ensure the long-term survival of Web-based scholarly publications for the benefit of the greater global research community.

Code Ocean 

BOOTH #214  |  www.codeocean.com
Code Ocean is an open access, cloud-based computational reproducibility platform that provides researchers with an easy way to create, share, and run code published in academic journals and conferences. Publishers can also embed a working copy of code and data directly onto their platforms and articles, facilitating transparency and reproducibility.

Copyright Clearance Center 

BOOTH #321  |  www.copyright.com
Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a global leader in content management, discovery and delivery solutions. Through its relationships with those who use and create content, CCC, and its subsidiaries RightsDirect and Ixxus, drive market-based solutions that fuel research, power publishing and respect copyright.   

Council of Science Editors

TABLETOP #13  |  www.councilscienceeditors.org
The Council of Science Editors (CSE) is an international membership organization for editorial professionals publishing in the sciences. Our purpose is to serve over 800 members in the scientific, scientific publishing, and information science communities by fostering networking, education, discussion, and exchange. Our aim is to be an authoritative resource on current and emerging issues in the communication of scientific information. 


BOOTH #208  |  www.crossref.org
Crossref makes research outputs easy to find, cite, link, and assess. We’re a not-for-profit membership organization that exists to make scholarly communications better. We rally the community; tag and share metadata; run an open infrastructure; play with technology; and make tools and services—all to help put scholarly content in context. It’s as simple—and as complicated—as that. Stop by to get a metadata health check!


TABLETOP #7  |  www.dclab.com
DCL provides data and content transformation services and solutions. Using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, DCL helps publishers organize and structure data and content for modern technologies and platforms. With deep expertise across scholarly publishing, DCL uses technology and U.S.-based teams to solve complex conversion challenges securely, accurately, and on time.

Deanta Global 

BOOTH #116  |  www.deantaglobal.com
Deanta is a publishing production management company based in Dublin, Ireland. We provide tailored project management solutions and publishing services to help publishers streamline their production workflow and ensure high editorial standards. Our innovative and flexible technology platform, Lanstad, allows us to manage projects collaboratively and perform real-time XML editing, proofing and content transformation on a global scale.

diacriTech, Inc. 

BOOTH #119  |  www.diacriTech.com
Your leading publishing services partner for Manuscript analysis, Permissions, Plagiarism checking, Copyediting, Composition, XML conversion, Illustrations, Graphics processing, Image forensics, Content transformation and loading, Text/Visual Abstracts, iOS/Android Applications, QA Services, Accessibility evaluation, AR/VR/MR applications, Video and Animation development, Advertisement Proofing. Checkout XEditPro, our cloud-based collaborative editorial, production, and proofing system.   

Digital Science, Inc. 

BOOTH #220  |  www.digital-science.com
Digital Science is a technology company working to make research more efficient. We invest in, nurture and support innovative businesses and technologies that make all parts of the research process more open and effective. We believe that together, we can help researchers make a difference. Visit www.digital-science.com.   

Edanz Group Japan KK 

TABLETOP #12  |  www.edanzgroup.com
Established in Japan in 1995, Edanz has helped thousands of researchers around the world successfully publish in international journals. Our team of expert editors and research consultants are all experienced researchers: we understand the research process and we know how to support non-native English speakers in navigating the publication journey. 

Editage / Cactus Communications 

BOOTH #218  |  www.editage.com
Editage (a division of Cactus Communications) is a fully integrated, global scholarly communications company that aims to help scholars break through the confines of geography and language, bridge the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and accelerate the publication of high-quality research. Editage offers a wide range of research communication services, including editorial, infographic, and video abstract support.   

Editorial Office Limited 

BOOTH #412  |  www.editorialoffice.co.uk
Editorial Office has a proven track record in providing dedicated, professional and excellent editorial and scientific services to publishers and societies worldwide. With expertise across 11 different peer review platforms, bespoke task timing software and full transparency in billing, EOL offers an exceptional level of service to all our customers.

eGloo Technologies 

BOOTH #410  |  www.tekreader.com
tekReader is an Enterprise CMS & Publishing Ecosystem - Manage content efficiently & effectively - Easy-to-use template driven web based authoring tool - Peer-to-peer review, comments & tasks, configurable workflows - Seamless document delivery to a browser based eReader & other desired delivery platforms - Secure, & high performance managed service in the cloud.


BOOTH #319  |  www.ejpress.com
eJournalPress focuses on providing individualized peer review, production tracking, and billing payment solutions to the scholarly publishing community. We tailor solutions for organizations using innovative technology. Our Continuous Innovation Process allows us to provide timely solutions solving workflow and business needs.

Exeter Premedia 

BOOTH #406  |  www.exeterpremedia.com/Kriya
Exeter provides end-to-end digital publishing services for publishers across segments - Academic and Scholarly, Professional and Trade. Our core offering, Kriya, a cloud-based publishing platform, helps clients “Convert Production into a Profit Centre” by delivering "Happy Authors". We work with clients across geographies - USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 


BOOTH #404  |  www.highwirepress.com
HighWire is the principal digital partner for the global publishing community. Our technology provides the nexus where knowledge is collected, certified, stored and shared. By simplifying the publishing process, we widen the reach, deepen the impact and accelerate the exchange of ideas. Whether you choose from our suite of modular applications or our entire intelligent platform, we help all publishers to create the best digital experiences and reach the most people. Find out how we help get Knowledge Amplified - www.highwirepress.com

HP, Inc. 

BOOTH #414  |  www.hp.com
HP Piazza is reinventing publishing with a set of cloud-based services that make it easy to print only what you need, when you need it. This revolutionary advance, which includes a cloud-based content repository, enables you to significantly reduce your costs, bring inventory down to zero, and eliminate waste. Lead the way with HP Piazza!

Impelsys Inc. 

BOOTH #104  |  www.impelsys.com
Impelsys is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for publishers, education providers and enterprises – managing content and learning delivery on their flagship platform – iPublishCentral Suite. Impelsys provides content engineering and technology services across digital product development lifecycle, helping clients build new digital products ranging from eBooks to simulations to online courseware. To learn more about Impelsys, please write to [email protected] or visit www.impelsys.com | www.ipublishcentral.com


BOOTH #206  |  www.inera.com
Inera provides innovative, high-quality solutions to meet today’s publishing challenges. eXtyles software enables publishers of complex and structured content (journals, books, reports & standards) to automate time-consuming editorial tasks and easily convert Word to XML. Edifix adapts eXtyles’ powerful reference-processing tools to correct, link, and verify bibliographies online.

Ingenta / Publishers Communications Group 

BOOTH #105  |  www.ingenta.com
Ingenta is one of the leading providers of content solutions to progressive publishers. Through our highly configurable suite of products, and dedicated sales and market research teams at PCG, we help you simplify, manage, promote and deliver your content – wherever you are in the world.   

Ingram Content Group LLC 

TABLETOP #3  |  www.IngramContent.com
Ingram Content Group Inc. is the world's largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content. Thousands of publishers, retailers, and libraries worldwide use our best-of-class digital, audio, print, print-on-demand, inventory management, wholesale and full-service distribution programs to realize the full business potential of books.

International Society of Managing and Technical Editors

TABLETOP #14  |  www.ismte.org
ISMTE serves a unique niche within the academic, scientific, medical, technical and professional publishing industry—editorial office staff. Through our newsletter, discussion forum, online resources, and conferences, we connect you with others in the profession. We provide a networking and training infrastructure, establish best practices, and study and report on editorial office practices.


BOOTH #212  |  www.iseek.ai
Is accreditation killing you? Iseek.ai solves Medical Education’s toughest challenges and offers value in areas like accreditation, remediation, and curriculum change. 25% of medical schools leverage iseek.ai’s Artificial Intelligence- based Natural Language Understanding platform to empower faculty, administrators, and students to find, analyze report and interact with their disparate curricular content and assessment data. Apply our LCME success to COCA.

J & J Editorial 

BOOTH #112  |  www.jjeditorial.com
J&J Editorial provides customized editorial and production solutions for editorial offices, publishers, and societies. J&J’s employees work with clients to understand their unique needs and offer a range of Editorial, Production, Copyediting, Submission Systems Support and Consulting services to serve clients at a consistent level of excellence. Visit http://jjeditorial.com for more information.

Jack Farrell & Associates 

BOOTH #107  |  www.jackfarrell.com
Jack Farrell & Associates (www.jackfarrell.com) finds THE BEST talent in scholarly publishing. Founded in May 2006, the company recently completed its 540th hire. Since 2014 JFA’s retention rate on new hires exceeds 97%. We take pride in making the right match for client and candidate. Let’s Get Working!!

knk Software 

BOOTH #413  |  www.knkpublishingsoftware.com
knk develops and markets knkPublishing, the only Microsoft-certified publishing software in the world. It combines classical ERP functions with industry-specific functionality for several verticals in book, periodical and media publishing. Together with Bradbury Phillips International, a specialist in rights and royalties, we have about 450 customers worldwide.

Kaufman Wills Fusting & Company, LLC

BOOTH #122  |  www.kwfco.com
KWF Consulting offers a broad range of solutions in scholarly publishing. Whether you are looking for solutions involving strategy and innovation, publishing and operations, RFPs and contracts, market research and intelligence, sales and marketing, or executive and editor recruiting, you can count on us to help you reach your objectives.


TABLETOP #2  |  www.letpub.com
LetPub, the flagship publishing brand of Boston-based Accdon LLC, helps authors from around the world publish their research. LetPub’s language and scientific editors are leaders in their fields, teach at top universities, and hold editing certifications. We also provide research communication services & editorial support for journals & publishers.

Lumina Datamatics Inc 

BOOTH #113  |  www.luminadatamatics.com
With its innovative platforms, products and production services, Lumina Datamatics has been supporting scholarly publishers for the last 20 years. Our services/platforms range from authoring, conference proceeding workflows, alt-text, editorial - print workflows and rights platforms that help publishers offer immersive experience and faster discovery of information and data.

MetaComet Systems, Inc. 

TABLETOP #8  |  www.MetaComet.com
Eliminate the Headaches and Burdens of Royalty Management with the Royalty Tracker® platform. Automate your royalty operations thereby ensuring accuracy and reducing effort by up to 90%. Gain deep insight into your royalty accounting with our insightful reporting tools. Stop by our table for a Complimentary Royalty Process Analysis: Learn whether royalty automation makes sense for your organization, the benefits of automating, and how it can best be incorporated into your operations. We also have powerful tools for managing rights and consolidating sales data. Join the many other SSP members using Royalty Tracker.   


BOOTH #418  |  www.newgen.co
A reliable one stop shop for publishers worldwide for all publishing services spread across Editorial, Production, Design, Technology, Distribution, Sales, and Marketing. Newgen engages deeply with the publishers, and consistently deliver, expand and innovate the services we offered to them in a meaningful way to eventually become their preferred supplier. 

Nova Techset 

BOOTH #123  |  www.katalysttech.com/services/e-publishing
Nova Techset-Katalyst (NT-K) is a pre-press supplier for scholarly publishers. Services include XML conversion, pre-editing, copyediting, composition, ePub solutions, and full project management. With production in Chennai and Bangalore, and sales/project management in the US and UK, NT-K employs 800 staff and produces over a million pages annually.


TABLETOP #4  |  www.pagemajik.com
PageMajik is a cloud-based CMS-based eco-system specifically tailored to the needs of publishers and content creators, which uses AI and machine learning to create efficiency and lower cost in the academic workflow. PageMajik brings together all those involved in the academic publishing process on one intuitive platform, enabling effortless collaboration.


BOOTH #204  |  www.redlink.com
RedLink helps libraries, publishers, and users see what they’ve been missing. RedLink’s products include powerful, intuitive dashboards for libraries and publishers (Library Dashboard and Publisher Dashboard), unique sales prospecting engines for publishers (SiteLeads™), and editorial engagement tools for editors, authors, and readers (Remarq®). RedLink also offers RedLink Network, a free service libraries and publishers can use to collaborate on synchronizing access credentials and service needs.  

Reprints Desk, Inc. 

BOOTH #108  |  www.reprintsdesk.com
Reprints Desk simplifies the procurement, access, management, use, and legal sharing of scholarly journal articles, clinical reprints, patents, and other content for scientific, technical, and medical research. Organizations choose Reprints Desk because of our collaborative business approach, efficient article supply system and services, and commitment to support. 

Research Information 

TABLETOP #15  |  www.researchinformation.info
Research Information is a global publication for the scholarly publishing community – read by publishers, librarians, information professionals, academic authors, and researchers. The ever-shifting sands of scholarly publishing provide a rich source of informed opinion and content within the magazine, which is published six times a year. 

Ringgold Inc. 

BOOTH #216  |  www.ringgold.com
Ringgold enables clients to trust & leverage their most important asset: data. Our Identify Database normalizes & enriches organizational data, which are a component of every business: customers, prospects, constituents & affiliations of individuals. With more than 500K records, deep metadata and expert curation, Identify is trusted by more than 80 publishers, societies & research organizations.

Scholarly iQ, LLC 

BOOTH #313  |  www.scholarlyiq.com
SiQ are the independent, trusted third party COUNTER R5 and SUSHI compliant vendor, authorized since 2003. An unrivalled team combining online publishing, business intelligence analytics and data management we provide business-critical services and insight for academic publishing. Meet us at SSP to discuss our dedicated publisher solutions and services.


BOOTH #411  |  www.sciscore.com
SciScore is a materials review tool that helps to improve rigor and reproducibility by helping editors analyze the methods sections of scientific papers. SciScore checks randomization, blinding and sex as a biological variable, as well as research resources, i.e., antibodies, cell lines and statistical software.

Scope e-Knowledge Center 

TABLETOP #16  |  www.scopeknowledge.com
Scope, an Spi Global company, is an award-winning provider of outsourced, cost-effective Content Enhancement Services, Data Management Services, Patent Analytics, and Business Research Services for clients globally. Scope fulfils customer needs by leveraging its experience and capabilities using in-house developed proprietary technology solutions and platforms.


BOOTH #222  |  www.sheridan.com
At Sheridan, we are working to deliver ideas today that connect publishers of journals, books, magazines, and catalogs to tomorrow. Content preparation, platform development, and content dissemination are key Sheridan competencies. Our publisher-focused solutions such as workflow systems integration, process automation, eCommerce platforms, online hosting, and an array of fulfillment solutions define us as innovative partners who deliver true efficiency. A division of CJK Group, Inc., Sheridan serves the global publishing community with distribute and print partnerships and alliances around the world.


BOOTH #305  |  www.silverchair.com
Silverchair delivers the most effective combination of technology and services to empower the digital strategies of scholarly and professional publishers. Through a single omni-format hosting platform, Silverchair provides distinctive online sites, unique products, and advanced technologies to STM and humanities publishers, professional societies, and the federal government, propelling their content to greater reach and impact.

SpiralUp Solutions 

BOOTH #416  |  www.spiralupsolutions.com
SpiralUp Solutions is a 10-year-old company specialized in the field of copy-editing services, catering to some of the prestigious publishers in the world. We have created a niche segment around copy editing, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our key to success lies in our specialized focus aided by our homegrown AI-powered tools.

TBI Communications 

BOOTH #420  |  www.tbicommunications.com
We provide market intelligence, practical guidance and tactical support to turn big ideas into reality. We help clients evolve brands and business strategies, launch new products and services, reach new markets, and deliver integrated marketing programs and campaigns. We work with associations, publishers, and technology companies across the education and research communications ecosystem.

Technica Editorial Services 

TABLETOP #9  |  www.technicaeditorial.com
Technica Editorial brings nearly three decades of practical publishing and editorial experience to its growing client list, which includes commercial and not-for-profit publishers, associations, and societies. From peer review support to total project management, Technica tailors its services to satisfy each project’s unique requirements. Technica Editorial — Proof that support matters!


BOOTH #415  |  www.transforma.in
Transforma’s unique combination of digital technology and publishing expertise has brought XPERT Solution, built using structured text processing engine VEDAS, designed exclusively for fast track publishing needs of Scholarly Publishers. XPERT Xpress (Manuscript check on submission and Pre-edit), XPERT Review (Peer Review), XPERT Proof (Author proof) offer unique cloud-based solutions.


TABLETOP #11  |  www.trendmd.com
TrendMD is the world’s leading scholarly content discovery platform, helping publishers promote their online content to grow their readership and increase their revenue. Our cross-platform recommendation widget is used on over 4,700 scholarly sites, in every scholarly discipline, distributing over 1 billion recommendations to over 125 million readers every month.

Turpin Distribution 

BOOTH #115  |  www.turpin-distribution.com
Turpin Distribution is an international distribution and subscription management company serving academic and scholarly publishers, university presses and learned societies for all their distribution and fulfillment needs for books and journals. With offices in both the USA and the UK we can reach the world for any publisher and let the publisher focus on creating intellectual property. We have been in business for more than 40 years and look forward to being proudly independent for the next 40 years.

Typefi Systems 

BOOTH #210  |  www.typefi.com
Typefi is a global leader in automated publishing, enabling organizations to publish content in multiple formats up to 80% faster, without compromising design or content integrity.  Typefi enables automatic creation of XML such as JATS and BITS and handles complex elements such as tables, equations, cross-references, footnotes, and indexing. Visit www.typefi.com to learn more.


TABLETOP #1  |  www.wiris.com
WIRIS is a suite for authoring STEM contents in digital workflows.MathType is integrated in Google Docs, Microsoft Word and many more. Let students handwrite math & chemistry formulas, and let authors use its toolbar or LaTeX compatibility. Wiris Quizzes offers automatic assessment and random parameters for STEM open questions.