Pre-Meeting Seminars

Pre-meeting seminars offer an opportunity for in-depth learning on various topics the week before the main conference kicks off. You do not have to attend the main meeting to participate in one or more of these training programs. 

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SSP Books Quick Starter Training Pre-Meeting Seminar

This premeeting training session will provide attendees with a complete overview of the academic books ecosystem, giving them the “quick start” they need to navigate this evolving landscape. The session program is composed of several “modules” touching on all major facets of books publishing—financial skills and business models; marketing, editorial, and production; and the future of books publishing—each led by experts in their respective fields. A bonus module will also introduce attendees to digital workflows for both books and journals. 

The course has been designed especially for earlier- to mid-career professionals currently working in scholarly publishing and hoping to gain a more rounded perspective on the books publishing environment. It will also be useful to vendors and librarians who wish to enhance their understanding of books publishing. 

All times are listed as EDT. 

Tuesday, May 18
9:00–9:30 am Opening Remarks and Breakout “Buzz” Session
9:30–10:15 am Books Module 1: The Business of Academic Books Publishing
Vivian Berghahn, Berghahn Publishing
Ashley Runyon, University Press of Kentucky
  • The books P&L
  • Assessing the financial success of an existing portfolio
  • Assessing the financial success of a new book or series
10:15–10:30 am Break
10:30–11:30 am Books Module 2: Acquisitions
Gita Manaktala, MIT Press
Lauren Schultz, AIP Publishing
  • Author and editor recruitment and management
  • The review process for books
  • Development
11:30–12:00 pm Break
12:00–12:45 pm Books Module 3: Production and Editorial
Kate Warne, University of California Press
Meg White, Delta Think
  • Editing and design
  • Print vs. digital
  • Production challenges
Wednesday, May 19
9:00–9:15 am  Opening Remarks and Breakout “Buzz” Session
9:15–10:15 am Digital Workflows
Bill Kasdorf, Kasdorf & Associates, LLC
Barbara Kline Pope, Johns Hopkins University Press
Jabin White, ITHAKA
  • Accessibility
  • Standards
  • Metadata
  • Working with eBook platform partners
10:15–10:30 am Break
10:30–11:45 am Books Module 4: Sales and Business Modules
Lisa Nachtigall, Oxford University Press
Allison Durocher, American Academy of Pediatrics
  Marit Vagstad, Springer Nature
  • Markets for scholarly books (institutional, retail, direct, special, etc.)
  • The role of resellers
  • Licensing and role of eBook aggregators
Thursday, May 20
9:00–9:15 am  Opening Remarks and Breakout “Buzz” Session
9:15–10:15 am Books Module 5: Marketing
Stephanie Williams, Wayne State University Press
   Emily Hamilton, University of Minnesota
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing tactics, ops, and execution
10:15–10:30 am Break
10:30–11:30 am Books Module 6: The Future of Book Publishing
Charles Watkinson, University of Michigan Library
Kelley Squazzo, Project MUSE
   Heather Staines, DeltaThink
  • Open Access books
  • The future of the academic monograph


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