Pre-Meeting Seminars

Pre-meeting seminars offer an opportunity for in-depth learning on various topics the week before the main conference kicks off. You do not have to attend the main meeting to participate in one or more of these training programs. 

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Charleston Hub Trendspotting Initiative: Forecasting Changes on the Horizon of Scholarly Communication

Hosted by Against the Grain (ATG) and the Charleston Conference
Tuesday, May 18 | 1:00 - 4:00 PM EDT

Futures thinking is not about predicting "the future" but rather considering multiple potential futures and the trends, issues, and external pressures that we could be facing. Thinking through different scenarios helps us prepare for the expected—and the unexpected—for both service continuity and growth.  The Charleston Hub Trendspotting Initiative is a community-engaged process for collaboratively exploring social, policy, economic, technology, and educational trends and forecasting their impacts on scholarly communication, publishing, and academic libraries. 
This pre-meeting seminar will present various "provocations" or "what if" scenarios and explore different futures thinking-approaches to considering the implications, potential effects on the industry, and reactions to respond to or resist such trends. Join us for robust discussion in both large and small group settings as we continue shaping and deepening our understandings. Help us focus on the future of our industry and the changes that will affect us all.