SSP Committees

Volunteering for an SSP committee is a great way to network with colleagues and make new connections. Volunteers are essential to SSP's work. To get started, fill out our Volunteer Form. To see the list of members in a particular committee, click on the name below.


Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is charged with providing education and resources to members about diversity and inclusion within their workplaces, and providing direction to SSP volunteers about how they can model diversity and inclusion practices in the work that they are doing on behalf of the organization.


Nick Dormer - Chair
Nick Dormer - Chair
Nick Dormer - Co-Chair
Rebecca McLeod - Co-Chair
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
Emma Brink - Committee Member
Matthew Cooper - Committee Member
Jocelyn Dawson - Committee Member
Duke University Press
Erin R. Foley - Committee Member
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
Harriett E. Green - Committee Member
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Sylvia Izzo Hunter - Committee Member
Inera, Inc.
Cason Lynley - Committee Member
Duke University Press
Megan M. McCarty - Committee Member
J&J Editorial
Alice Meadows - Committee Member
Jennifer L. Pesanelli - Committee Member
Stephanie Pollock - Committee Member
American Psychological Association
Damita Snow - Committee Member
American Society of Civil Engineers
Randy Townsend - Committee Member
American Geophysical Union
Laura Wheeler - Committee Member
Clarivate Analytics
Adrian Stanley - President
Digital Science
Melanie Dolechek - Executive Director
Society for Scholarly Publishing