SSP Committees

Volunteering for an SSP committee is a great way to network with colleagues and make new connections. Volunteers are essential to SSP's work. To get started, fill out our Volunteer Form. To see the list of members in a particular committee, click on the name below.


Peer Groups Task Force

The Peer Groups Task Force is evaluating the benefits and feasibility of creating a Peer Group program.


Carol A. Meyer - Co-Chair
Aries Systems Corporation
Jamie Wielgus - Co-Chair
Alvaro Bussab - Committee Member
Caboverde Tecnologia e Servicos Ltda
Nina Hoffman - Committee Member
American Society of Hematology
Jake Jaquet - Committee Member
Purdue University Press
Jeff Mahony - Committee Member
American Academy of Pediatrics
Traci S. Nolte - Committee Member
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
Tao Tao - Committee Member
The Charlesworth Group
Melanie Dolechek - Executive Director
Society for Scholarly Publishing