2020 SSP Webinar: The Future of Preprints

2020 SSP Webinar: The Future of Preprints: Coronavirus as a Case Study

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 | 11 am EDT

In 2020 the development of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in related preprints as researchers around the world use them to share research quickly and work together to fight the pandemic. More researchers are posting preprints in more disciplines than ever before, and this growth is prompting conversations about the future of preprints. What are the benefits of sharing early stage research? What are the risks, and are there ways to mitigate them? Are preprints here to stay, or are they a passing fad?
This panel will use COVID-19 preprints as a case study, within which to explore the benefits and risks of preprints and to provide projections on their future.


Jason Pointe, Publishing Director, IARS

Jason is the Publishing Director at the International Anesthesia Research Society. His previous roles in scholarly publishing have included book publishing and marketing, journal ad sales, and journals publishing.







Theodora Bloom, Executive Editor, BMJ
Theodora Bloom is executive editor of The BMJ and a founder of medRxiv preprint server. She has a PhD in developmental cell biology from Cambridge University and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School before joining the biology editorial team at Nature. In 1992 she joined the fledgling Current Biology, and after several years developing the journal and its siblings Structure and Chemistry & Biology Theo joined the beginnings of the open access movement. As founding editor of Genome Biology she was instrumental in the birth of the commercial open access publisher BioMed Central, where she was ultimately editorial director for biology. After working as a freelance consultant, she joined the non-profit open access publisher Public Library of Science (PLOS) in 2008, first as chief editor of PLOS Biology and later as biology editorial director. She took the lead for PLOS on issues around data access and availability.

Shirley Decker-Luecke, Content Director, SSRN
Shirley Decker-Lucke is the Content Director at SSRN, one of the largest preprint servers in the world, currently hosting over 4,000 Covid-19 preprints. She led the platform’s expansion into medical preprints, starting with the launch of “Preprints with The Lancet” and the launch of MedRN in July 2018. She drove SSRN’s work to support the expansion of Covid-19 preprints, including creating a new fast track preprint review process. More generally she is responsible for all current and future content as well as the continuous improvement of SSRN as it supports early stage research.  When she is not working hard to support the changing needs of the researcher community with respect to finding, creating, and sharing scholarly research, she likes being on skis- water in summer and snow in winter.

Kate Grabowski
, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Mary Kate Grabowski is an Assistant Scientist in the Department of Pathology at Johns Hopkins University, and a member of the Johns Hopkins Infectious Disease Dynamics Group. She also works as an epidemiologist with the Rakai Health Sciences Program (RHSP) in southern Uganda. Her primary research interests include the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. She has expertise in the conduct and analysis of large population-based cohort studies, impact evaluation, mixed-methods research, and phylogenetics. She has spent 15 years working on HIV research in African settings where she has been involved in various epidemiological and laboratory-based studies, including the Rakai Community Cohort Study, one of the largest population-based HIV cohort studies globally Kate also serves on the executive committee of the Bill and Melinda Gates funded PANGEA-HIV consortium, a large pan-African HIV sequencing initiative that aims to improve delivery of HIV prevention and treatment services through a better understanding of transmission dynamics using viral genomes. As part of the COVID-19 response, Kate co-directs the Johns Hopkins Novel Coronavirus Research Compendium, a rapid review effort for pre and post publication work on COVID-19, and is co-chair of the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 modeling and policy hub.

Lyle Ostrow, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Dr. Ostrow is an Assistant Professor of Neurology in the Neuromuscular Division at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He also is the Chair of the Programmatic Panel for the Department of Defense (CDMRP) ALS Research Program (ALSRP), and serves on steering/advisory committees and review panels for several ALS research consortia and foundations. He established and Directs the Target ALS Multicenter Human Postmortem Tissue Core, a multicentered effort integrating clinical and pathological data, tissue samples, slides, and genomics – all made broadly available to the ALS research community to foster and accelerate collaborative ALS research among academic and industry laboratories.  He has helped direct numerous collaborative studies using these resources, including a pre-competitive ALS biomarker development effort involving several research foundations and pharma/biotech companies.


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