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New Directions in Scholarly Publishing: Community, Collaboration, and Crisis



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The 2020 SSP New Directions Seminar in Scholarly Publishing which was originally held on September 30-October 1, as an interactive virtual event explored important new ways in which publishers and industry leaders are supporting academic peer-reviewed research and the entire academic publishing ecosystem, especially in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. You can now watch the seminar at your convenience, on demand through March 31, 2021 on the Wolters Kluwer virtual event platform. 

Scholarly publishing directly influences continued academic research, research funding, the validation of critical research, and the careers of academic researchers as we navigate a new normal. The seminar presented dynamic panel discussions, fireside chats, influential keynote speakers and more, and focused on new ways to develop and support researchers and their institutions around the world. 

The seminar is an essential resource for all levels of academic publishing professionals, librarians, researchers, academicians, industry leaders, and corporate-level executives that work within the academic publishing arena, and provides a necessary platform of solidarity as we move forward together to define and develop important new directions in scholarly publishing. 

Available Sessions

Setting the Stage for New Directions: An Opening Discussion with the Chefs

A panel of Scholarly Kitchen Chefs engage in a lively discussion of how organizations are collaborating, communicating, and innovating, both internally and externally, during a time of change and uncertainty with no clear end in sight. Representing the views of a variety of stakeholders, the Chefs explore how various organizations and institutions are supporting their workforces, furthering academic research, and addressing a number of emerging trends emerging in scholarly communications. Mindful of the opportunities as well as challenges arising from the “new normal,” they also discuss how organizations can foster agility and resilience moving forward.

Moderator: Lettie Conrad, Publishing & Product Consultant, LYC Consulting
Haseeb Irfanullah, Independent Consultant - Environment, Climate Change, and Research System, Center for Sustainable Development (CSD), University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh 
Judy Luther, President, Informed Strategies
Alice Meadows, Director of Community Engagement, NISO
Charlie Rapple, Co-Founder, Kudos 

Navigating the “New Normal” of Academic Publishing

This dynamic panel discussion explores how the greater academic publishing community can constructively confront uncertainty in ways that ensure a more positive, inclusive future for our industry and our scientific communities. Speakers offer useful new insights into how scholarly communications professionals can use this “new normal” to maximize opportunities across the ecosystem of academic publishing.

Moderator: Monica Hoh, Metadata Librarian II, Novelist
Alexa Colella,
Journals Marketing and Strategy Manager, University of Illinois Press
Simon Holt
, Publisher, Micro/Nanotechnologies & Reference Content Volume Strategy, Diversity and Inclusion Campaigner, Elsevier
Clair Irwin, Doctoral Student, MS, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cancelled, Postponed, Reimagined: New Directions in Participating in Academic Conferences

Academic conferences are a fundamental platform for communicating research, networking, revenue generation, and more. In the wake of a global health crisis, organizations have had to adapt, experimenting with virtual ways to meet, connect, and share. Our panelists discuss the challenges and limitations that an online format brings, as well as some of the ways in which the pivot to virtual may change academic conferences for the better.

Moderator: Violaine Iglesias, CEO and Co-Founder, Cadmore Media
Nisha Doshi, Senior Digital Development Publisher, Cambridge University Press
Colleen Scollans, Practice Lead, Marketing and Digital Transformation, Clarke & Esposito
Charley Thompson, Head of Events, Bioscientifica

Supporting Researchers, Not Just Their Research

As scholarly publishing professionals, we often ask ourselves what we can do to support our authors, editors, peer reviewers, and readers. These questions and considerations are at the forefront of our minds as we work towards navigating new directions in scholarly publishing. Panelists for this session discuss the systemic and societal issues that challenge researchers, as well as how our industry can create bridges rather than barriers. 

Moderator: Jordana Schmierer, Graduate Student, Rochester University 
Koen Vermeir
, Research Professor, CNRS / Co-Chair, Global Young Academy / Editor-in-Chief, Centaurus
Adriana L. Romero-Olivares, Department of Biology, New Mexico State University
Jory Lerback, PhD candidate, Dept of Geology & Geophysics, University of Utah
R. Jason Heustis, Director of Student Development and Training Evaluation, Harvard Medical School 

Keynote: Magdalena Skipper, Editor-in-Chief, Nature

A British geneticist and the first female editor-in-chief of Nature, Magdalena Skipper is a household name in the academic publishing community. In her keynote address, Magdalena emphasizes what she has noticed, understood, learned, and navigated as an editorial leader during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on new directions in academic publishing since the pandemic emerged and touching on the cultural discussions of diversity and inclusion currently taking place around the world.

Preprints: Testing Science’s Need for Speed Limits

It’s more and more common these days to hear about preprints—on NPR, in the New York Times, or on the evening news. The general public, like researchers before them, is absorbing scientific and medical developments at record speed. But what are the risks and challenges that come with this speedy sharing of experimental results? Join our expert panel for a discussion about new initiatives and varied perspectives around preprints. How widely are researchers taking advantage of this new venue for sharing early results? How does this differ by discipline?

Each speaker is introduced by a specially crafted scenario, designed to highlight a key theme. Through this activity, attendees have the opportunity to step into the shoes of researchers, peer reviewers, and editors, to tackle such topics as citing preprints, preprints in social sciences and humanities, and awareness of journal policies around preprints. With preprints seemingly playing a bigger role than ever before, familiarity with multiple perspectives is more important than ever.

Moderator: Heather Staines, Head of Partnerships at Knowledge Futures Group
Richard Sever
, Assistant Director, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Colin McAteer, Manager, Journals, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Iratxe Puebla, Associate Director, ASAPbio
Jon Gurstelle, Director of Publications, American Political Science Association 

New Directions in Tools, Visibility, and Findability of Research

An engaging panel of experts creatively presents the tools and technology that will lead to new directions in academic publishing. Ranging from emerging Artificial Intelligence-based tools to Open Science Tools, preprint tools, and more, this team of panelists discusses new ways of addressing current challenges faced by the industry.

Moderator: John Shaw, Chief Technology Officer, Sage Publishing
Speakers: Lettie Conrad, Publishing & Product Consultant, LYC Consulting
Ian Mulvany, Chief Technology Officer, BMJ
Stephen Rhind-Tutt, President, Coherent Digital
Nancy Roberts, Founder and CEO, Umbrella Analytics

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10/2/2020 - 1/31/2021
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